The Land of Nowhere

Back from my trip to The Land of Nowhere, where you can build your own dreams, all you have to do is close your eyes and let go.

They say every photo has a story behind it, actually the story here is different. It is about a man who created his own world to escape the one he is stuck in , even if for a few moments !!

 I started my journey in photographing the Milky Way more than 4 years ago, I went almost everywhere across the UAE, scouting, researching, taking risks. I have basically consumed all different landscapes with every possibility, mountains, deserts, trees, lakes, roads etc….

For quite some time I have been working on capturing the milky way with something different, in 2015 I started developing new ideas mixing still life with Astrophotography.

In this series, I tried to make something different, thinking outside the box and breaking the trend by adding some abstract and conceptual thoughts to the Astrophotography ”The land of Nowhere - Realistic miniature photography”

Galaxy quest

Inspired by his elder brother. and his love of the night sky, Samy Olabi reaches for the stars From a dark corner of the United Arab Emirates.For me, photography represents a time-out from the hustle and rapid rhythm of life. It is a perfect escape from stress. Above all, it is the ideal way to document the beauty around me. I’m a Syrian photographer based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. I’m a project manager in the constructioN industry, and alongside this I have more than eight years’ Photographic experience. My elder brother is passionate about photography; I used to sneak into his room to play with his camera and lenses, and flip through the pages of his photography magazines. I started taking pictures myself on a point-and-shoot camera, snapping whatever I saw, and this eventually led to me getting a Nikon D90 in 2010, and then a Nikon 0800 in 2012. For me Nikon means family; my elder brother was and still is a Nikonian, and he was my main influence. I love the quality of both the cameras and the lenses that Nikon makes. I really enjoy all genres of photography, but my passion is astrophotography. It started back in 2011 when I suddenly realized that planets can be easily seen in the night sky. I became fascinated by Jupiter and Venus and how bright they look. I started to take photos of the moon and the planets during important astronomical events like eclipses, super moons and conjunctions. Shooting stars Proper planning is very important for this type of shoot; you need to have some knowledge of the behavior of celestial objects. For example, it’s important to know the rising and setting times of the moon and the Milky Way, so the sky will be right when you photograph it. You also need to study the location, as avoiding light pollution and having Interesting foreground elements are two big parts of getting a good astrophoto.  

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