The Land of Nowhere

Back from my trip to The Land of Nowhere, where you can build your own dreams, all you have to do is close your eyes and let go.

They say every photo has a story behind it, actually the story here is different. It is about a man who created his own world to escape the one he is stuck in , even if for a few moments !!

 I started my journey in photographing the Milky Way more than 4 years ago, I went almost everywhere across the UAE, scouting, researching, taking risks. I have basically consumed all different landscapes with every possibility, mountains, deserts, trees, lakes, roads etc….

For quite some time I have been working on capturing the milky way with something different, in 2015 I started developing new ideas mixing still life with Astrophotography.

In this series, I tried to make something different, thinking outside the box and breaking the trend by adding some abstract and conceptual thoughts to the Astrophotography ”The land of Nowhere - Realistic miniature photography”

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