WADIAL-HITAN / The Lost Land

Wadi Al-Hitan is a remote valley 3 hours / 210km southwest of Cairo, deep into Egypt Western Sahara. It’s basically a dryocean floor where lots of well-preserved prehistoric fossils exist. This is thereason why this place is a protected UNESCOWorld Heritage Site.

The geology of the valley is adding a major significance to the scenery, with wind and water erosion producing spectacular marine sandstones cliffs. And the fact that 40 million years ago,that would have been the bottom of the Ocean adds to the glory of the place and to the moments I witnessed there.

The place also features unique eco-architectural Buildings designed to blend in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, it allows the landscape to continue to dominate and not vice-versa. Such buildings are responding to the rich cultural heritage of this region which mainly revolves around farmers and fishermen simple mud houses.


Beyond measure, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The vast, echoing silence and the uniquely shaped landscapes are breathtaking,and above all it is “The Darkest Location” I have ever been to.

Although the place is well known for its prehistoric fossils , but I went there to capture the stars and the milky way with all its majesty accompanied by the mountains , cliffs , the uniquely shaped buildings along with the majestic fossils of the long dead whales.

I planned this trip for months, I traveled more than 3,000 kms to reach it and I am very thankful to God that everything went as planned and even better.

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