Astrophotography Locations

NearBab al Shams - Dubai

The 1st location is Near Bab al Shams - 24.810856, 55.242230 ,This location is not far away from Dubai , around 80 kms, its dark enough to see the milky way but the visibility is much affected by the light pollution of the city lights

Al Qudra Lakes - Dubai

The 2nd location is at Al QudraLakes 24.834980,55.376352, which is also near Bab al Shams  , and the beauty about this location is the foregrounds (water lakes and trees) , but still the light pollution issue can be strongly noticed.

Razeen desert - Abu Dhabi

The darkest area so far in the UAE is Razeen desert 23.525208, 55.010090 and as in the map below , its in the middle of no where and very dark, the problem with this place it is very far , no Telecommunication networks and above all there are no remarkable foregrounds.

Hatta - Dubai

One more location is Hatta 24.783730,56.114081 and specifically in the areas near Hatta pools and around the 2 main dams in Hatta , there is light pollution but luckily its all coming from the north , west and east . except for the south towards Oman Border which is where the big bulg (Galactic Center ) of the milky way rises and sets. 

Liwa Desert 

Liwa Desert 23.116323,53.788250 , It is having beautiful sand Dunes , but there is some annoying light pollution 

Wadi Shawqah - RAK

My all time favorite location / Wadi Shawqa - (25.034765,56.021040),

1-It is close from Dubai (maximum 1 hour taking Maliha road).

2-The  location can be reached with buses and regular cars

3-The  place can accommodate several numbers with freedom of multiple compositions and ideas.

4-Above all the location is relatively dark enough for such type of photography and it is having some beautiful foregrounds.

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