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The Western Deserts of Egypt Astrophotography Camping Trip 

the adventure of a life time

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A trip to the Western Deserts of Egypt
The White Desert 

( dates will be based on moon calendar / around new moon)

One of the Darkest Locations in the World (Class 1 Bortle) , Beautiful Skies and Magnificent Landscapes
Plus 2 Advanced Post Processing Sessions 

white desert bortle 1 copy.jpg

Advanced Level Astrophotography Wide Field Landscapes, Deep Sky , Milky Way , Time Lapse , Star Trails , and Panoramas.  You will leave this workshop with a professional understanding of what it takes to create breathtaking photos of the Milky Way and the night skies. From planning your trip & shoots, to successfully capturing & composing your images. And finally how to bring your images to life with special advanced post processing techniques.

4 days / 3 nights Astrophotography Camping Trip + 2 Post Processing Sessions 

Regular Rate : AED 6,500 / $ 1,775

NPM & Early Bird Rate : AED 5,500 / $1,500

Trip Program :

01-Arrival in Cairo 

02-Trip Day one  :

  • Depart from Cairo at 5 am - Arrival at Bahariya Oasis around 10 am followed by Breakfast.

  • Start Heading towards the White Desert in air-conditioned 4×4 cars to start the tour

  • Visit the Black desert / Crystal mountain / Valley of Obstacles

  • Camping in the Valley of Obstacles / Bedouin dinner

  • Astrophotography talk.

  • Sunset followed by Overnight Astrophotography Session till Dawn

03-Trip Day Two & Three  :

  • Breakfast

  • The Great Valley / eye of cypress / Al-Makhroum Rock (Al-Arj Al-Kabir) /  green eye

  • Eating food in Ain Khadra

  •  acacia tree/  snow mountain / The ancient white desert / The new desert

  • Camping in the new white desert.

  • Bedouin dinner

  • Astrophotography talk.

  • Sunset followed by Overnight Astrophotography Session till Dawn

04-Trip Day Four  :

  • The panorama and the rest of the white desert attractions

  • Flower stone

  • Arrival to the Bahariya Oasis

  • Breakfast

  • Heading Back to Cairo


The Trip Cost is also inclusive of the following:

  1. Transfers from and to Cairo by a modern air-conditioned bus.

  2. The complete safari program with 4×4 air-conditioned vehicles.

  3. Three meals a day.

  4. Drinks, Dates and refreshments throughout the Trip.

  5. Full Camping gear

  6. Desert Shower / Bath

  7. Electric generator to charge batteries and devices.

Exclusions :

  • The cost of Travel from UAE to Cairo & Back to Dubai (Airfare , Visa & transportation)

  • The Cost of accommodation in Cairo & Egypt other than the days of the Astrophotography Trip

  • Photography Equipment/Gear

  • Insurance cost - (insurance is a must)

The Astrophotography Advanced Workshop will Cover the Following :

A detailed step by step walk through the 4 different processes of Astrophotography


Astrophotography Tools, Techniques:

  • Equipment

  • Requirements

  • Photographic Knowledge

  • Astronomy Knowledge

  • Applications and Software


Astrophotography Planning:

  • Location

  • Light Pollution

  • Weather

  • Moonphases – Rise and Set Times

  • Targets & Deep Sky Target Planning

Astrophotography Execution:

  • Pre-requisites

  • Precautions

  • Timing

  • Setup

  • Focusing in the dark

  • Creative Composition

Advanced Post Processing Online Sessions
will be held in the UAE - Tentative Date : 21 August 2021

  • Important considerations in Post Processing

  • Nightscapes & Milky Way Shots Post Processing

  • Panoramas Post Processing

  • Time Lapses / star trails Post Processing

  • Milky Way Stacking

  • intro to Deep Sky Objects Post Processing

  • A complete post processing detailed explanation / application for two of following targets  : Milky way core / Rosette Nebula

  • Data Management

  • Stacking with Sequator

  • File types and File management.

  • Stacking with Deep Sky Stacker

  • Star Removal different Techniques

  • Special techniques in Post Processing (Photoshop)

  • Final Cosmetics

Regular Rate : AED 5,500 / $ 1,500

NPM Rate  : AED 5,000 / $1,360

Other Details & Conditions:

  1. Prior to the Workshop , a Whatsapp group of the participants will be created , It will be utilized for managing the workshop, and it will as well handle quick discussions & overview of the participant equipment, areas of strength, and areas that require development, in addition to any specific requirement to be taken into consideration.

  2. At the end of the Workshop: Participants will receive a certificate of completion and the support will extend through the Whatsapp group for all the results & outcomes of the workshop.

  3. Some Nikon Cameras and Lenses will be made available through Nikon Egypt.

  4. All Covid-19 precautionary measures in accordance with the law will be strictly followed.

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