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Be Different - Photography outside the box 

What I love the most about photography, it is a language that can be understood by everyone.

Through photography, you can freeze a great moment of time, or a breath taking scene and share it with the (watcher). You can deliver some deep meanings by expressing your ideas and concepts and convey it silently with dramatic impact. And from a simpler perspective, photography represents a time-out from the hustle and rapid rhythm of life. It is a perfect escape from the never ending life stresses.

I started Photography many years ago and I used to shoot everything that I find interesting, I jumped from one genre to the other. And then I started getting more serious about photography in 2010, I got fascinated with abstracts and conceptual art, then I moved into landscapes and I finally landed into the magical world of Astrophotography.

I was passionate about Astronomy since I was a child, and Astrophotography was for me a perfect match, it combined my love for astronomy, my love for nature and landscapes with adventures, travel and camping. This beautiful recipe is just perfect for me.

That strange mix of fear, excitement, serenity and this awe sense of beauty and meditation is something that deserves the long hours of driving and traveling. That feeling you get when you step down from your car, switch off your engine and the headlights, lookup to the sky and be amazed with this endless count of stars, a beauty that could never be put in words.

In such places you can really experience the sound of silence and enjoy it, and the fact that most of such remote locations have no telecommunication network coverage there adds to the serenity of the experience and the peace you have with yourself. It liberates you from all modern life constraints and you are finally back to your real humanity, blending with nature and its beauty. You finally feel home.

I went almost everywhere across the UAE, scouting locations, looking for different landscapes and compositions and I was quite lucky to capture some beautiful shots; 

The United Arab Emirates is a mix of two beautiful contradictions; Shiny glamorous cityscapes and raw nature, and basically there are two types of landscapes, yellow reddish deserts with sand dunes and some GHAF trees, or brownish rocky ophiolite (slices of ocean floor that have been thrust onto continental crust) mountains with few green bushes and ACACIA trees. 

And because Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are so busy and active, they happened to emit tremendous amounts of artificial lights, and this is limiting the areas with no light pollution.

But like any other passionate photographer, I couldn’t get enough of that, I have basically consumed all different landscapes with every foreground possibility; mountains, deserts, trees, lakes, roads, cars, etc.…. I just wanted more than that, I wanted to do something different. And my passion for conceptual art was always there waiting to blend with what I do.

I started experimenting with some abstract ideas, mixing still life with Astrophotography. Every year (milky way season) I thought of trying a new idea. I plan to start a new project. Blending a foreground from here on a background from there could be a solution but it wasn’t my style and it will never be. And above all where is the fun in that ?!

One year I got my self a collection of mirrors with different shapes and sizes and I started capturing stars and its reflections. I called the project Parallel Universes.

The following year I worked on a project which I called “The Land of Nowhere” Realistic miniature photography. I aimed in this series to create realistic scenes that could easily trick you into thinking it is real. This project is covered in details in this article

The Land of Nowhere (3).jpg

Abstracts & Still Life:

Even straight forward still life and abstract can blend beautifully with the stars.

A Light could lead the way

Light is an essential element of photography, and the darker the environment you are shooting in, the more valuable and more dramatic the impact your light will do. 

Mixing lights and shadows is a mind blowing, endless ideas and great way of expressing arts.

Breaking the rules and thinking outside the box is something a photographer should always consider.

Getting out of your comfort zone, doing something different, and breaking the trend, adding some abstracts and conceptual thoughts to your photography is what will differentiate you from others. You do not want to be that photographer who's only aim is to hoard equipment and excel settings. Photography is a form of art after all. And I am really grateful to God that I am doing it.

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