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UAE Workshops

2273-82-012-- (2).jpg
The Edges of the Empty Quarter @ Raze

Nightscape Astrophotography

Wide Field Landscapes, Milky Way , Time Lapse , Star Trails , Panoramas.

One Practical Photography over night Trip + One Post processing session on separate dates

Barnards Loop - Samyolabi for HIPA.jpg
HorseHead Nebula - Samyolabi for

Deep Sky Astrophotography

Photographing Nebulas and Galaxies with a DSLR and a lens mounted on a Tracking Mount

One Practical Photography over night Trip + Two Post processing sessions on separate dates

Rosette all stages--_0009_05c-Rosette Nebula-Samyolabi Exhibition-noncrop copy.jpg
rosette- gif.gif

Advanced Astrophotography
Post Processing Techniques

Astrophotography Post Processing
Deep sky , Wide Field Landscapes, Milky Way , TimeLapse , Star Trails , Panoramas.

Trips to the Western Deserts of Egypt
The White Desert & The Valley of the Whales (Wadi Hitan)

Egypt Astrophotography Workshops


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