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Module 01
Nightscape Astrophotography

This module of astrophotography workshop is all about Wide Field Landscapes, Milky Way , Time Lapse , Star Trails , and Panoramas.  You will leave this workshop with a professional understanding of what it takes to create breathtaking photos of the Milky Way and the night skies. From planning your trip & shoots, to successfully capturing & composing your images. And finally how to bring your images to life with special advanced post processing techniques.

You will learn years of knowledge and Experience in a matter of days.


Module 1

1 Photography Trip (overnight) 

1 Postprocessing session


The Astrophotography Trip / Overnight Practical Workshop 

The Following will be covered in the Overnight Workshop/Trip:

A detailed step by step walk through the 4 different processes of Astrophotography


Astrophotography Tools, Techniques:

  • Equipment

  • Requirements

  • Photographic Knowledge

  • Astronomy Knowledge

  • Applications and Software


Astrophotography Planning:

  • Location

  • Light Pollution

  • Weather

  • Moonphases – Rise and Set Times

  • Targets & Deep Sky Target Planning


Astrophotography Execution:

  • Pre-requisites

  • Precautions

  • Timing

  • Setup

  • Other / focusing your lens in the dark ,

       Creative Composition

The Post Processing Session/s 

  • Important considerations in Post Processing

  • Nightscapes & Milky Way Shots Post Processing

  • Panoramas Post Processing

  • Time Lapses / star trails Post Processing

  • Milky Way Stacking

  • intro to Deep Sky Objects Post Processing



Module 1

1 Photography Trip (overnight) 

1 Postprocessing session

Regular Rate : AED 1,650.00

Early Bird / NPM Rate  : AED 1,250.00 

Schedule & Dates around new moon

9 & 10 September 2021 

(Post processing session date to be decided mutually)

Register for both and get 35% discount

Register you Interest
Choose your Workshop

Thanks for registering! / you will be contacted shortly

General Conditions :

  1. Prior to the Workshop , a Whatsapp group of the participants will be created , It will be utilized for managing the workshop, and it will as well handle quick discussions & overview of the participant equipment, areas of strength, and areas that require development, in addition to any specific requirement to be taken into consideration.

  2. Support will extend through the Whatsapp group for all the results & outcomes of the workshop.

  3. Nikon Cameras and Lenses will be made available through Nikon Middle east , arrangement will be made prior to the workshop for collection.

  4. Cold Refreshments , water and quick snacks (potato chips , biscuits) will be made available to the participants.

  5. The Post Processing sessions & all non Field sessions will be held online (Zoom/Teams,etc..) or at special venues that will be announced on registration.

  6. Few tents will be available for quick naps through out the night.

  7. One Tracking mount will be available to use during the workshop , and if required arrangements to buy the best suitable tracking mounts can be made with regional suppliers.

  8. The cost does not include transportation , meals or main equipment except highlighted above.

  9. All Covid-19 precautionary measures in accordance with UAE law will be strictly followed.

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