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Module 03
Advanced Astrophotography
Post Processing

how to bring your images to life with

special advanced postprocessing techniques.


Module 3B

1 day Postprocessing workshop

(3 hours )


Module 3A

1 day Postprocessing workshop

(3 hours )


Nightscapes / Wide Field Advanced Post Processing Session/s 

  • Important considerations in Post Processing

  • Nightscapes & Milky Way Shots Post Processing

  • Panoramas Post Processing

  • Time Lapses Post Processing

  • Star trails Post Processing

  • Milky Way Stacking

  • intro to Deep Sky Objects Post Processing

Advanced Deepsky Post Processing Session/s 
  • A complete post processing detailed explanation / application for two of following targets (depending on the season) :

  • Orion and Running man Nebula

  • Milky way core

  • Rosette Nebula

  • Cygnus Region  Nebulas

  • Data Management

  • Stacking with Sequator

  • File types and File management.

  • Stacking with Deep Sky Stacker

  • Star Removal different Techniques

  • Special techniques in Post Processing.

  • Final Cosmetics


Module 3A

1 day Postprocessing workshop

(3 hours )

Regular Rate : AED 1,000.00 / $275

Early Bird & NPM Rate : AED 800.00 / $218


Module 3B

1 day Postprocessing workshop

(3 hours )

Regular Rate : AED 900.00 / $245

Early Bird & NPM Rate: AED 700.00 / $190

Flexible Dates

Register for both and get 35% discount

General Conditions :

  1. a Whatsapp group of the participants will be created , It will be utilized for sharing results and raising further questions

  2. At the end of the Workshop: Participants will receive a certificate of completion and the support will extend through the Whatsapp group for all the results & outcomes of the workshop.

  3. Nikon Cameras and Lenses will be made available through Nikon Middle east.

  4. Cold Refreshments , water and quick snacks (potato chips , biscuits) will be made available to the participants.

  5. The Post Processing sessions & all non Field sessions will be held in special venues that will be announced on registration.

  6. The cost does not include transportation , meals or main equipment except highlighted above.

  7. Based on request the session could be utilized online attendance via Zoom or Teams

  8. All Covid-19 precautionary measures in accordance with UAE law will be strictly followed.

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