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Nightscape Astrophotography Workshop
Sharjah - UAE



This astrophotography workshop is all about Wide Field Landscapes, Milky Way , Time Lapse , Star Trails , and Panoramas.  You will leave this workshop with a professional understanding of what it takes to create breathtaking photos of the Milky Way and the night skies. From planning your trip & shoots, to successfully capturing & composing your images. And finally how to bring your images to life with special advanced post processing techniques.

Day one (Thursday 8 July ): inhouse 2 hours lecture (in HOW) Astrophotography and Stargazing techniques تقنيات الرصد و التصوير الفلكي المتعددة


Day Two (Friday 9 July ):Astrophotography Camping Trip and Adventure from the Deserts and Mountains (Maliha , Shawkah )


Day Three (Saturday 17 July): Astrophotography Post Processing Workshops : this will be inhouse (HOW) and it will be about learning how to use different editing software to post process the photos taken during day two.

Astrophotography Tools, Techniques:

  • Equipment

  • Requirements

  • Photographic Knowledge

  • Astronomy Knowledge

  • Applications and Software


Astrophotography Planning:

  • Location

  • Light Pollution

  • Weather

  • Moonphases – Rise and Set Times

  • Targets & Deep Sky Target Planning


Astrophotography Execution:

  • Pre-requisites

  • Precautions

  • Timing

  • Setup

  • Other / focusing your lens in the dark ,

       Creative Composition

The Post Processing Session/s 


  • Important considerations in Post Processing

  • Nightscapes & Milky Way Shots Post Processing

  • Panoramas Post Processing

  • Time Lapses / star trails Post Processing

  • Milky Way Stacking

  • intro to Deep Sky Objects Post Processing